Tuesday, March 30, 2004


From yesterday's Hollywood Reporter...

"Passion" was playing in 15 markets - having debuted in five this weekend - and was No. 1 in every market, grossing a robust $8.8 million. 20th Century Fox is distributing "Passion" in Latin AMerica and has reaped an estimated $25.1 million so far."

The Reporter also predicted that the movie would see a "significant boost" during the upcoming Easter holidays. Let us hope so. I know we here in the Church in Hollywood asked you normal Christians to all go the opening week to "send a message to Hollywood." And the message was received and is shaking things up. But now, how about sending another message? How about everybody plodding back to the theaters for Holy Week, so we can have everybody in Hollywood asking "Holy, week? What the hell is that?!" It could be a nice teachable moment...or else just another little stinging fly indication that this movie is not going to just go away like a bad dream.

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