Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Following the example of Eve Tushnet, who thus sanctified Wednesdays, I hereby declare Monday, "Poetry Monday"...but because it's this blog, it's more appropriately titled...


(And it's not just because I'm home sick today and don't have enough to do with myself....although, that is true too...)


One Crucifixion is recorded only -
How many be
Is not affirmed of Mathematics -
Or History.

One Calvary - exhibited to Stranger -
As many be as persons -
Or Peninsulas -

Gethsemane - is but a Province in the Being's Centre -
Judea - for Journey - or Crusade's Achieving -
Too near -

Our Lord - indeed - made Compound Witness -
And yet -
There's newer - nearer Crucifixion
Than That -

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