Monday, February 24, 2003


Gods and Generals posted a respectable 8th place for its opening weekend. It took in around $5,000,0000. This is significant because the film can only get one show a night compared to two or three for some of its competitors.

More good news... the dreadful and vile Daredevil tanked in its second weekend. From Boxoffice magazine online:

In a disastrous fall from its $45 million take just a weekend ago, "Spider-Man" wannabe "Daredevil" plummeted far beyond the usual 50% plunge actioners do on weekend #2, splatting up just $18.9 million. One might have thought that all those many Eastern Seaboarders snowdrifted home for the Valentine's Day frame would have helped bolster turnout for the man-in-red-tights affair by heading to the megaplex for the Fox flick now, but such was not the case. Or perhaps they did, but everyone else everywhere else had already had enough of it.

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