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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
"Zeal for Your Name"... Embarrasses Me?
As regards The Da Vinci Code, a Christian friend shrugged to me recently, "Jesus doesn't need us to defend Him."

I've been thinking about it ever since.

Of course, God doesn't need us. He didn't need to make us. He didn't need to die for us. He doesn't need us to be with Him forever in heaven. He doesn't need us to protect Him. Jesus is safe from Dan Brown and Sony Pictures.

But don't we get something from defending Jesus? It's not that He needs to glorify His Name, but somehow, we do.

So, in this case, we have a movie that defames the holy name of Jesus. It says He was a sham. He wasn't God. His name is not Emmanuel. It isn't Prince of Peace. It isn't Lord of Lords or King of Kings. The Jesus of Da Vinci Code's name is something between Mr. Mary Magdalen and Mr. Pawn of Satan.

(After all, Sony Picture's Jesus is a pathetic tool in whose name - what was it? - oh yeah, 5,000,000 women have been killed by jealous Christian men....just to name one of the countless crimes the Bible was manufactured to authorize.)

So, for all of us who have sung thousands of times - "Glory to the name of Jesus!" "Worthy is the Name!" "Lord, I lift Your name on high!" - what do we do here?

I'm just wondering.

And how does buying a ticket to a movie that blasphemes the name of Jesus fit in with lifting His Name on high?

I'm thinking we have to add to our Othercott plans for the weekend of May 19th. Yes, we all go to another movie that weekend - Over the Hedge. But then, I think we all spend the remaining thirty-six hours of DVC's opening weekend in prayer . How cool would it be if parishes resurrected the Forty Hour devotion to counter the evil effects that the blasphemy in DVC will do in so many souls.

What do you think? Over the Hedge and then adoration. Ha!