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Tuesday, May 16, 2006
"We have met the enemy. And he is US!"
From my mailbag...

Dear Barbara,

I am 48 years old, a cradle Catholic, Secular Franciscan and Parish Secretary. I watched your interview on EWTN today and was so grateful to see and hear someone of your intelligence defending our Faith. God bless you!

I have a problem. I believe with my whole heart and soul what you said. I loved your manner and sense of humor, but mostly I loved your knowledge and the way you were able to get your point across. Your common sense is most impressive. My problem is that someone told me that my pastor said in his homily that he was going to see the movie and that everyone should just say to themselves that it is a fiction and that it is fine to go.

So after watching the show you were on this morning I called my pastor to ask if it were true. I told him about the show and some of the statistics I had heard on the news last night about Catholics in France and Canada who believed the book and movie were factual. I think that they said 35% of Catholics in France believed it.

Anyway he said that people were making too much over this movie. I told him that an official from the Vatican had suggested boycotting the movie and he said that everyone who was prohibiting the movie was stupid. I told him that I was going to research it some more and he said, “Let me know what you come up with”.

I fear that anyone who was listening to his homily now thinks that it is okay to go to the film. I enjoy Tom Hanks and Ron Howard but I would never go against a recommendation from a Church official. My biggest problem is that even my heart and common sense tell me not to go to the movie. I did not read the book because I remember when it was hot there was a similar controversy. I know that I have a strong Catholic Faith and I felt akin to your own attitude about the Church.

Will you pray for me and my pastor? God bless him; he can be a very hard nut to crack. Can I go to work tomorrow and tell him it would be wrong to go to the movie?

Your sister in Christ, NB, in PA

Let's all pray for N.B. and her pastor.