Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What Schism?

Cool. The Orthodox Church has officially come out with a statement slamming The Da Vinci Code. The Church's Holy Synod has produced a pamphlet which will be distributed at all Orthodox churches this Sunday. They write...

"The work attacks and undermines in a treacherous manner religious knowledge...The author (American Dan Brown) wants to damage faith in the church and in Christ, as perfect God and perfect man...Quite apart from the fact that the book attacks Christ, it also attacks the church, directly accusing it of lying and deceiving the faithful."

Click here for the full article.

Well, good for our Othodox brothers and sisters. IF ONLY the Catholic Church cold get it's act together enough to take a similar stand.

If only...

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MWΣ+ said...

This is interesting, because I heard a while back that Tom Hanks, through the influence of his devout wife, had been attending an orthodox congregation somewhere in LA and was even chrismated before making DVC.

The person who told me was Orthodox and he seemd privy to info that might not be public domain. However I also picked the story up from the Shark at Eidos (below), and the mention of Orthodoxy is in the article from 1998 (below 2).