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Sunday, May 08, 2005

So, I get an email today, from somebody who read something I wrote somewhere. In the course of the message, the emailer congratulates me on my casino winnings.

Now, I WAS in Vegas last week, and I DID have my usual break even luck at the slot machines, but it was hardly the stuff of kudos. And how would somebody know to even mention it? I wanted to know.

So, the emailer sends me back this link to some mid-western casino bingo page. And there, in the fifth row second face in, I'm not. But somebody else named Barbara Nicolosi is.

I've never actually seen another person with my name before, although I've heard that there is Barbara Nicolosi realtor woman who sells houses to the stars in Bel Air. Technically, as I am younger than both these ladies, it's more that I have their name, than that they appropriated mine.

I feel bad for both of the other Barbara Nicolosis because I have completely branded our eternal Internet identity as "that ex-nun happy Catholic chick who works in Hollywood."

I feel bad for me, because I can't see any way of making a claim against the $720 that my namessake took home from the Ft. Whatever-It-Is Casino.