Sunday, May 22, 2005


"As for your art interests, sounds to me like your thinking is just
fine." (comment from Barb: "Now, I can die.")

"When it comes to modern art, the problem is not only representational but pedagogical. A lot of modern art and music requires some previous formation in the viewer/listener. (I love Picasso now that I've studied him a bit. His story is one of the most exciting in art history.)

The thing with art in churches is that it has to have a direct appeal and a clear meaning since it's intended for an audience of all sorts, educated and not-so-educated.

I remember something Mozart said about a piece he was working on. Something to the effect that there was something in it for the expert, but it would delight everyone. That must be the summit. Or if you think of a Shakespearean play, there's lots of special effects stuff for the masses, but the plays can fire up a seminar group for weeks with their profundity. Not many artists are working at the level of either Mozart or Shakespeare...

Like most answers to difficult questions, it's six of this and a half dozen of that."


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