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Friday, August 19, 2005
A Very Good Idea...
My dear friend, Zoe Romanowsky St. Paul, has just started a ministry as a life-coach to women who are believers. Besides being one of the coolest women of the 21st Century Church, Zoe has a Masters in Counseling from Steubenville. I would do sign up to work with Zoe myself, except that, as her friend, I get to bend her ear for free...

Here is the message she sent me about this new thing. Please pass it on to any women you know who might need some help discerning what God is doing in their lives, and how they might be cooperating better with Him...

Hi Barb,

Wanted to let you know that my life coaching business is officially launched: www.zoe-co.com

The site advertises my services and provides basic information on life coaching (and eventually on workshops, retreats and info products). I'm now taking clients and have begun to send out my new weekly e-letter (available through the web site).

My coaching focuses on women and their needs -- particularly in the age range of 18-50. But I am happy to coach anyone of any age - including men & couples. I'm also very interested in coaching writers and people in the arts industry. I hope my services can be a resource to the people you serve.

Life coaching differs from counseling/therapy in that it focuses more on goals, practical steps, creative problem-solving, and support. While it has therapeutic elements, it doesn't delve deeply into family of origin issues or psychoanalysis. It can be really helpful for people who need help in one or more area in their life but don't need therapy. (Or it can be used in conjunction with therapy and other health services.)

Please consider sending word of this to friends, family, colleagues, clients, pastors -- anyone you think might benefit from knowing about it. Keep in mind that coaching is usually done by phone & email so I can take clients from anywhere so long as they have phone and computer access.

[Deleted FEO: Personal message of high esteem and dire predictions about hurricanes in the Caribbean in the next few weeks.]

Love, Zoe