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Friday, August 05, 2005
Friend, Paul Lauer, whose company Motive Entertainment is on the team to market the December 9th release, The Lion, the Withc, and the Wardrobe asked me to let you allknow about the cool new site they just opened to provide news about the film and all of your promotional material needs.

Go here for posters, web banners, IM characters, screensavers, postcards, group sales tickets, and to find out about any upcoming Narnia promotional events in your shire.

I find myself quite excited to see this film. Or, at least, to see how the assuredly astounding success of the films soldifies the real looming presence of "the Christian audience" in the corporate Hollywood brain. My prediction: Narnia will save the 2005 box office just in the nick of time. Without Narnia, the 2005 boxoffice is a state of being 'where it is always winter but never Christmas.'