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Wednesday, August 17, 2005
It's All in the Details
Well, how about that! The feature on Act One in Details magazine came out pretty darn well, I'm thinking. (Don't cancel your subscription after all, Dan!) The reporter, Ian, did a very fair job. I don't think there was any discernible sarcasm in the piece. And - thank God! - the stero-typed staged shots of our students didn't make the final cut...at least in the on-line version of the story.

Anyway, go here to read the whole piece. (Although my on-line version has a funny line through the last quarter of every page....I hope it isn't making me miss any other brilliant comments I made.) Here's a me snip...

After the runaway success of the wholesome Warner Bros. drama A Walk to Remember in 2002 (when The Passion was just a twinkle in Mel's eye), Barbara Nicolosi, got a call from an exec at a production company who was sniffing around for similar scripts. "I said, 'But A Walk to Remember was a banal, badly written, superficial portrayal of people! Why would you want that?' He said, 'Well, the Christians liked it.' I told him the Christians liked it because it's about two teenagers who didn't have sex before marriage—but it's a bad movie! He said, 'Well, that's our problem now. We have to make movies we don't want to see.'" Nicolosi was fuming. "Do you know how demeaning that is?" she says. "How insulting to Christians? That we're so stupid, to entertain us—it's like feeding 5-year-olds?