Friday, July 08, 2005

Pause for Real Life...

Emily Dickinson wrote once, "I have read but little lately. Experience has overshadowed prose." That's how I feel about blogging lately.

We just started our second summer program today. We have 34 writers with us for the next four weeks. We still have our 15 executives in training with us until August 24th.

And even if I DIDN'T have 48 young people who have a claim on my attention, I'm also consulting on a feature script and about to sign a contract to co-write another. The last project is still in the polish phase.

It's all good. It's just alot.

Please pray for all our great young writers and executives-in-training. Pray that they are protected from every kind of harm - and that they find everything they need during the programs.

Thanks and God bless for now.


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