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Friday, July 29, 2005
Jan Gets Harry
Sorry I've been a bad blogger lately. Chalk it up to running two programs this summer, consulting on two scripts, doing a polish on one and co-writing another.

I also had another go around with my new friends the NY Times reporters yesterday. If I get a free second I'll blog about the latest head-shaking exchange.

But, meanwhile, go check out Jan "The Maven's" Blog these days. She's been doing an exhaustive examination of the whole Harry Potter mythology, including predictions for the next and final book in the series.

I admit I've only read the first book. I wanted to experience the films without any prejudice from having read the four-hundred page study guides. But I still want to know - so WHO DIED in Book Six?! Everyone is being so good on the Web about not spoiling the surprise that even those of us who want the surprise spoiled can't find out. I don't know why I really care -- except I hate not knowing things.


Anyway, for all your Potterly needs, go see Jan