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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Don't miss the NBC Nightly News Monday night (March 21st). Act One will be featured in a segment on Faith in Hollywood. See Act One faculty and alumni in action! (And cross your fingers that it's a positive story -- we think so, but one never knows.)

NBC called us last week, wanting to add us to their spot about Christians in Hollywood. They wanted to know what they could film that we do. So, we got together an event which we called the "Academy Award Debrief" in which about twenty of our alumni and four faculty, discussed the Oscar-winning films.

The discussion was very high level about craft and the social consequences of entertainment -- it will be interesting to see which clips NBC picks up.

At one point, one of the alumns was trying to excuse the bad portrayal of a priest on Million Dollar baby as coming from the fact that "Maybe a lot of folks here in Hollywood have had bad experiences with priests. For example, I have heard gay people here say that when they went to the Church for help, they were disappointed."

I'm gonna put my money on that quote making it onto the news...