Friday, February 14, 2003


Michael Medved puts together some "Good grief! What are we going to do?!" numbers in his column over at World Net Daily.

"The Advocate, America's most prestigious homosexual magazine, published a list of the 10 top gay films for 2002, and seven of those 10 emerged as major Oscar contenders."

I was aware of having been smashed on the head with the piano sized lesbian themes in The Hours, and the bi-sexual themes in Frida, but I didn't realize that Lilo and Stitch was the creation of two loudly and proudly "OUT" film makers. Far From Heaven, is, of course, about a closet homosexual family man in the 1950’s, and then the Latino film Y Tu Mama Tambien has a love scene between two young men. Medved goes on to note that,

“…the Academy failed to recognize the heroic achievement of director Peter Jackson (For The Two Towers) instead nominating the flamboyantly gay and terminally eccentric Spaniard Pedro Almodovar for his disturbing and hypnotic view of illness and obsession, "Talk To Her."

The good news is, the Academy Awards have lost almost all credibility with the vast majority of the viewing public. But it is discouraging to think how far the Church has to go in winning back the artistic community.

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