Thursday, February 27, 2003


"The whole idea is to look at the television camera and present as much love as you possibly could to a person who might feel that he or she needs it." (Fred Rogers in CNN Interview)

I had the opportunity to meet Fred Rogers two years ago. He was accepting a lifetime achievement award from the Christophers. His comments and bearing very much impressed me. Simple. Profound. Principled. He seemed to me to be saintly. He made a plea to parents to be more available to their kids, saying something to the effect of, "Children haven't changed. They need all the same things that children have always needed. It's mommies and daddies who have changed." It reminded me of one of my Mother's maxims about child-rearing: "There is no such thing as 'quality' time for parents and kids to be together. There is only time."

Mr. Rogers is in the most beautiful neighborhood now. RIP.

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