Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Report from the Executive Program

Both our summer programs are in full-swing these days. We have 59 amazing and talented young Christians between our Executive and Writing Programs, and, so far, they have been getting a wonderful exposure to some of the most thoughtful and charismatic Christians in the industry.

The great and wonderful, Phil Cooke, has been a key member of the Advisory Board that has crafted the Executive Program structure and curriculum these last two years. He spoke to the Exec students last week about the crucial art of networking in Hollywood, but from the standpoint of a person of faith. It was a great talk that he has excerpted on his blog. Here is a wonderful snip...

...Help other people. Stop thinking about your problems and look outside yourself. If you can get past the "It's all about me" stage, then you'll really understand the power of networks. I've discovered that helping others connect has been remarkably beneficial for me. I honestly believe that you can get what you want when you help enough people get what they want. The Bible calls it "planting seeds."


Don't keep a balance sheet. Sometimes, you'll connect people for a great project and they'll leave you out in the cold. For some reason, people don't always reciprocate, but don't let that stop you and don't let it destroy your momentum. I know some that got the shaft, and they just can't let it go. Their bitterness is destroying their lives. Even if you get abused 4 of 5 times, that one positive experience will be worth it.

It's because of people like Phil that Act One is not only blessed - it's magic!

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