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Friday, November 25, 2005
Act One in OSV
I happened to pick up a copy of Our Sunday Visitor outside church yesterday, and ther einside was a full-page article on Hollywood and Christians, with lots of quotes from me.

My family was sure I had planned it, but, I really didn't! We are just doing so much press these days - for Narnia, Act One, Behind the Screen, Christians taking over Hollywood - that I can't keep track of who I'm talking to and when the stories are coming out.

Just Wednesday, I was standing outside Foxwoods casino, freezing my tail off, while talking on my stupid cel phone to a reporter from the Toronto Star about godly entertainment. My sister waited impatiently inside while I went through the same five questions with the fellow. FInally, I signed off and we went right back to our previously interrupted conversation about whether we should double the smount of oysters in the turkey stuffing this year. Surreal.

Anyway, the OSV piece is quite nice. Catch it if you can.