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Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Well, this is hard.

Those of you who frequent this blog know that I have been writing less and less over the last few weeks. The blog has degenerated pretty much into news items from other sites, and media links about Act One.

When I started the blog, the idea was that I would write original thoughts, as opposed to linking around to other spots around the blogosphere. Clearly, I haven't been doing the posting of original thoughts thing much lately.

The truth is, my professional commitments are sapping all of my energies lately. I've got three screenplay contracts, two screenplay consulting gigs, a book proposal, and two magazines who want articles. I am teaching a class at APU to eight undergrads, and giving a slew of speeches over the next few months. Between now and Christmas, I have to be in Nashville, NY, PA, CT and Argentina. And then, there's this little program called Act One of which I am rumored to be the Executive Director.

I remember when Mark Shea went on a blog hiatus to write his book, I thought, 'I coul write my book without stopping the blog........ Well, that just shows why Mark is the wise sovereign of all blogdom.

So, I have to take a break. The goal would be to be back here in a few months, once I can get the book and screenplays done. I leave open the possibility of an occasional rant should the compulsion strike me.

Thanks to all of you who drop by here so often and so faithfully.

Please keep the Church in Hollywood in your prayers. God bless -