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Thursday, April 14, 2005

I have a slew of trips coming up in the next six weeks, mostly for speaking engagements. In an effort to do battle with the isolation and wasted time that always bedevils these trips, I want to add some informal meeting times, over dinner, lunch or just coffee with small groups in the places I am going. We can talk about whatever - and know that all the best stuff I have to say about what's going on in Hollywood I can never write on this blog!

I will also happily give speeches to whomever, if anyone wants to gather two or three or, you know, a hundred, people to listen. We can talk Church and culture. Hollywood and God. Movies and religion. Art and holiness. Artists and spirituality. Or, the really big important defining crucial topic everyone is most excited to hear about - the time I met Mel Gibson....

Anyway, here is my upcoming calendar and times I would like to have these meetings. If you would like to get in on one (and even organize it on your end!), please email my assistant, at Elizabeth@actoneprogram.com, so she can start to get the things organized.

Chicago, Thursday, April 21, in the evening;

Las Vegas, Saturday or Sunday, April 23-24;

New Orleans, Tuesday, April 26 in the morning, or Wednesday, APril 27, in the morning;

San Antonio, Wednesday, May 18, anytime;

Washington, DC, Thursday, May 19 in the evening, or Saturday and Sunday the 21-22;

Orlando, FL, Thursday, May 26, anytime;

...And yes, I am tired already just writing that list..."for everywhere I go I take myself with me."