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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I'm hearing from my friend, Leo Partible, who is deep in the comic book sub-culture, that Jim Caviezel (The Passion of the Christ) is the leading contender to play Superman in the upcoming Bryan Singer release. The comic book Christians love this as they are always telling me what a clear Christ-figure is the man from another world who comes to dwell among humans to save them. (I dunno, I'm not sure I see the parallel...)

I have heard some Christians express disapproval that Jim is going ahead with an acting career, after the success of TPOTC. At a dinner party last week, one lady noted to me, "I think it just could not be right for him to take parts kissing women and wearing blue tights after playing Jesus." [shrug] This is what comes of projecting on actors more than the fact that they are playing roles. It's really not fair. Actors act. They don't become our personal property.

Anyway, there is all kinds of buzz in Christian comic book circles about the right and wrong way to do this movie, so as to preserve and enhance the Christ-figure elements Bryan Singer, did a great job with the X-Men movies, but, from what I have heard, enhancing "Jesus stuff" would not ever be high on his agenda.

So, here is an NPR interview with Leo about the new Superman movie from his perspective as a Christian comic book expert. Check it out.