Thursday, March 13, 2003


I really wish this article wasn't so true, because the tone feels so inflammatory. But I have experienced the same kind of insane fire-breathing hatred of conservatives, and particularly George Bush that Jan describes in this article for The Front Page.

Particularly this section rang true:

Hollywood is a society of liberal bigots. 'Stupid' is their N-word, like 'coon' or 'jungle bunny.'... Conservatives are people of a lesser mind who don't count--flag-wavers, heartlanders, patriots, rednecks--stupid people who are too stupid to understand moral relativity, too stupid to understand that Bush is too stupid to be president.

Driven mad by hatred, they’ve adopted the rhetoric of the lunatic left. Bush is Hitler. The real enemy. It might be forgiveable for 22-year-old graduates of the Berkeley Gulag, but these are middle-aged lefties who should know better. Many witnessed how anti-American demonstrations and rhetoric (kill the pigs!) sabotaged the 1972 Democrats (49 to 1). But they hate Bush so much they don’t care.

Hollywood lefties are like drug addicts. They know they have a problem but they can’t stop themselves. Their hate is too strong. Talk radio is having a grand time with their half-witted remarks, gleefully reporting every time another celebrity pours gasoline on himself and sets it afire. Their self-destructive lunacy is indeed funny. But it also has a dark side.

I was at a meeting a couple weeks ago to plan an upcoming event for media professionals. At one point, one woman mentioned for no particular reason, "Well, we will probably be in that idiot's one man war in a few weeks anyway."

"That idiot", of course, referred to the President.

Pretty much all the assembled screenwriters and producer types chimed in their agreement. I got my courage up and said, "That's not fair." Everybody fell silent. I might as well have announced that I was rotten with leprosy.

Then, there was the time I was at a film festival screening last October. It was the movie Raisin in the Sun, starring Sidney Poitier. There is a horrifically racist stupid white man in the movie whose function in the film is to stomp all over the rights and self-esteem of the black family whom the film is profiling. There I was, packed into a screening room with two hundred other people, mostly industry professionals. When the stupid racist white guy made his exit on screen, a man behind me said quite loudly, "Just like George Bush."

Again, summoning my courage I said, "That's not fair." Everyone looked at me with horror. The guy who had made the original comment was so incensed, he got up from his seat and left the theater.

Then, there was the time I was at a rehearsal for a play I was producing, and the Director noted that George Bush and his oil buddies were secretly behind California's power shortage crisis. There I was again, brilliant rhetoric ready, and proclaimed, (say it with me), "That's not fair."

The reason I respond with that line, is that I have found it generally ends the conversation. It usually sends people into shocked silence and they conclude that I am...

a)... too dumb to argue with, or
b)...not as well read or informed as they are, and so...(go back to reason a.), or,
c)... a fascist bazooka-wielding maniac...who is also, btw - (go back to reason a.).

Okay, I admit it. I am too dumb to understand why one group of people would so vehemently embrace a losing strategy of defining down and then dismissing their opponents. I'm just too dumb to see the subtle wisdom in underestimating my opponents. I'm just too dumb.

Thank God.

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