Wednesday, March 19, 2003


Actors Co-op is one of the most award-winning small theater companies in Southern California. It is composed of committed Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox actors who meet weekly for prayer and professional development. It is truly a godsend to young actors starting out in L.A. who have the opportunity in the company to gain credits and experience without being violated by the talent meat-market that is L.A.

The Co-op only holds auditions once a year for new members. Info about auditioning is below. Please pass it on to any actors you know who are looking to find a supportive, faithfilled creative community in Los Angeles.

Actors Co-op Auditions

If you or a friend of yours are interested in being considered for the upcoming auditions for Actors Co-op, please send in your headshot and resume no later than noon, Friday, April 11th.

After the pictures are received they be evaluated by the company's Audition committee. Several candidates will be selected from the pool of applicants for auditions to be held on Saturday, April 12th.

We are only able to accept a handful of new members every year,so if you are not contacted please just try again next year. Thanks so much. We hope to see you at the auditions.

Questions? Contact:
Gary Lee Reed
Artistic Director, Actors Co-op

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