Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Last Two Weeks to Register!


What's the "Big Idea" in Movie Writing? Act One and world reknowned story expert, Bobette Buster, have the answer and you have only TWO weekends left to find out!

Participants of Weekend One are saying…

‘Through her love of cinema, Bobette draws you into the multi-layered craft of truly great films--it's a deeper journey than you'll get in film school or anywhere else. Bobette shows you how the master filmmakers create a richer story… inspires you to pick up new tools for your craft.’ – John F. Colorado Springs, CO

‘Bobette Buster makes you think about movies in a different way. The way she talks about story has inspired me to write every day. If you're experiencing writer's block, she can help you. If you need tips on how to punch up dialogue or improve character arcs while in rewrites, she can help you.’ – Kara H. Los Angeles

‘Bobette is right on target. This is the most insightful and valuable seminar I have been a part of. Her big picture thinking is exactly the kind of wake up call our generation of filmmakers and executives need.’- Josh R., Santa Monica, CA

‘This weekend writing class was amazing for me both as a Producer and a writer. Bobbette's style of lecturing is top notch... Bobbette has clearly defined the structure of cutting edge story telling. It truly has broken open my creative mind and given me a new sense of what makes a GREAT story.’ – Rochelle W. , Hollywood, CA

‘Bobette's lecture series is nothing less than fantastic! Her insights are profoundly interesting and valuable, I could have stayed another several hours. Can't wait to come back next weekend!’ – Martha L., San Diego, CA

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Sign up TODAY for parts 2 and 3 of the Act One Lecture Series ‘What’s the Big Idea?: The Art of Cinematic Story-telling’ with Bobette Buster!

Only $250 per weekend:

Weekend 2: March 28/29 - Weekend 2 - Advanced Story Physics & Sound Design: Cinema is the orchestration of emotions. Learn how the master film storytellers create complex chords of feelings while creating clarity of insight.
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Weekend 3 : April 4/5 - The Future of Cinematic Storytelling: How Fractured Narrative Works. And Understanding Hollywood Economics and Target Audience: How to create smart scripts that connect with the right audience.
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Considered by many to be the next ‘Robert McKee’, Buster's course is taught at USC, Pixar and all over the world, and her students have gone on to write and produce international blockbusters.

"Bobette Buster's…insights and thoroughness in examining every aspect of a film; from structure to marketing, acting, cinematography, editing, and sound, have been immensely valuable to our ongoing commitment to learning and creativity," says Elyse Klaidman, Pixar Animation Studios.

“Bobette Buster is an absolute wizard at understanding story and passing that understanding along to others,” says Kathy Fogg, Associate Director, Peter Stark Producing Program at USC.

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