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Monday, September 11, 2006
See Barb in San Antonio

Organized by
The Pilgrim Center of Hope
A Catholic Evangelization Center for the Archdiocese of San Antonio

The Conference will focus on the Search for Truth of God's plan in the life of ordinary women: a plan that calls on women to reach their full potential according to God's design, a life of happiness and wholeness that can only be discovered in Christ Jesus.

Come and pray and deepened in your faith! The Lord says… "Come to me all you who labor and are burdened and I will refresh you…."
Come to this Catholic Women's Conference!
There will be nationally known speakers, the Rosary, the Mass, Eucharistic Healing Service, , inspirational music variety of vendors, resources & more!

WHEN? September 22, 2006, Friday - September 23, 2006, Saturday

WHERE? Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center Ballroom & Gallery
San Antonio, Texas

- Father John Jesus Maloney, FJ - “Mary, Mother of Mercy”

- Dr. Martha Garza, OB/GYN - “A Professional Woman on the Forgiveness and Mercy of God”

- Mary Jane Fox - “Encountering the Risen Lord, our Healer”

- Gloria Zapiain - “Between the Rock of Peter and a Hard Place - Living the Life of Faith in the New Millennium"

- Barbara Nicolosi - “Signs of Hope from Hollywood” & “What is Beauty? Women- Nurturers of Art”

- Suzanne Baars - “I Will Give Them a New Heart”: Discovering the Divine Plan For Our Emotions”

- Sarah Hart - to lead us in inspirational song, praise and worship.

COST? $45.00 per person includes a Conference Packet and a box lunch on Saturday

Reservations: THE PILGRIM CENTER OF HOPE. 7680 Joe Newton *
San Antonio, TX 78251 (210) 521-3377 * trust@catholic.org