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Monday, June 12, 2006
Pictures from Rome/Spain Pilgrimage

Here is the front of one of my favorite churches in Rome, the Gesu. This is the Jesuit church and the apartments of St. Ignatius are right next door. (From which, he, you know, wrote many letters to his guys everywhere who were being variously martyred...but hey, writing is hard too. [Barb, no longer in the KH vortex lives dangerously.])

Whenever I am in the Gesu, I forget all the insanity currently rampaging through the Jesuit order, and I know that the sacrifices of the countless Jesuit martyrs which are in the eternal now before God will eventually balance things out. They'll be okay again someday.

My favorite Gesu anecdot: There are a couple side altars in the church that have hundreds of human bones behind glass. I asked the caretaker once, "Which martyrs are these?" He shrugged quite nonplussed and waved his hand, "Eh. Multi martyri" God knows their names.