Thursday, July 22, 2004


We are in the last 8 days of Act One-Hollywood. I will be flying back to CT for a week with my family on August 1. So, that means in the next week, I have to meet with thirty students, teach a couple of classes, read a few dozen evaluations and writing assignments, write and deliver a short speech for the program Closing Banquet, and reconnect with the myriad (lovely and wonderful) alumni who will be descendnig on Los Angeles for the annual alumni pizza party and Closing Banquet.

That's just the stuff relates to the month-long program.

Unrelated to the month-long program, I have to make site visits to four different buildings with the realtors who are searching for Act One's future home; have a meeting with a faculty member who will be creating a monthly ongoing formation program for the alumni community; interview a few applicants for the Director position of the new Business of Hollywood program; have a story meeting with the production company that is hiring me to write a screenplay this Fall; read a couple of hundred pages of screenplays that MUST MUST MUST get some feedback from me before August or I will have to change my name and move far, far away; write two columns for the NCRegister, both of which are now officially late; get Tibby the cat to the vet, because he still isn't quite himself, and it would be nasty to leave a semi-sick feline with my roommate.... I would also LOVE to knock-off a few CD-Rom classes for my Fuller studies, but perhaps that is overly ambitious.

Anyway, all this ambition means blogging becomes an indefensible extravagance. At least for the next week, forgive the sporadicness. Send prayers for the students.

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