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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

I admit it. I am now officially sick and tired of the sanctimoniousness of so many Christians who have to let all the rest of us know that they haven't seen The Passion. I am sick of the foreboding tones with which they hint that the film contains some dark, cancerous infection from which they are keeping themselves safe and pure. I was at a party last night and had yet another exchange with "Another Holier Than Mel Christian." I got mad when he had to interrupt a group of us talking about the beauty of the film by shaking his head piously and looking at some gnostic horizon, saying, "I haven't seen the film yet. I don't think I will."

BRN: Oh? Why is that?

GNOSTIC ANTI-TPOTC GUY: (Slightly surprised at being put on the spot, but liking it too) Well, I am afraid to see it.

BRN: Really? Is it the violence? Because, for anyone who has grown up with the Passion narratives, there really isn't that much new in the film.

GNOSTIC ANTI-TPOTC GUY: (Suddenly not wanting anybody to think he is a wimp or anything) No, no. It isn't really that. Violence doesn't bother me.

BRN: Then, what?

GATG: Well, I don't want Gibson's images to replace the ones I have in my head.

BRN: Interesting. Are you afraid of other kinds of art too?

GATG: What?!

BRN: Do you avoid Medieval and Renaissance Churches, old prayerbooks, and pretty much any museum with an art collection worth showing?

GATG: I am not against art.

BRN: No. I don't think you are....Just so we're clear.